Cypress Point Club


There are several courses scattered across the world that are considered paragons of one of the greatest games in the world. St Andrews, Augusta National, and perhaps the most exclusive golf club in the world: The Cypress Point Club. It is said that President John F Kennedy was turned away from its gates. Truly…it is a course for legends.

It was a legend that designed The Cypress Point Club back in the year 1928, by the great golf architect Alistair Mackenzie. The course takes great advantage of the foothills Santa Lucia Mountains. The course is hilly with plenty of trees that hug the rugged coastline. Rocky outcroppings litter the course eager to send the ball off to Palmer knows where.

The most legendary hole at Cypress Point is the sixteenth hole at 222 yards and a par of three. The green is set on a peninsula surrounded by strategically placed rocks, bunkers and other hazards. That may not sound very special but what makes the hole so special is the ultimate hazard. In order to make par at the sixteenth hole one has to make their shot across the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. The wind is a constant factor as well as the rocky coast, and even if the shot make’s it across the sea, it is still a great challenge to make par, if the obstacles stated above are any indication.



Like a lot of great courses, Cypress Point is a private course and since there are only about 275 members of the club, this one is intensely private. Rumor has it, that there are only new slots open when a current member passes away. It is likely that most golfers will never get the opportunity to play at the Cypress Point, but it is important to keep the dream alive. One never knows…





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California (CA)