Pacific Dunes (Bandon Dunes)


There are many courses to enjoy at the Bandon Dunes Resort in Oregon, but widely considered to be the best of them all is the Pacific Dunes Course.

Designed by Tom Doak and opening for play in the year 2001, the Pacific Dunes course takes a decidedly different approach compared to the other courses at Bandon Dunes. It quickly overtook the flagship course, Bandon Dunes, in terms of reviews by golfers, due in no small part from the vision utilized by Tom Doak.

Measuring out at 6,673 yards with a par of 71, many have said that the course was not built on top of the land but sculpted out of it. Nature plays a big part of this course. The front nine holes are framed by the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, followed by the back nine which move inland. When one plays there…one can feel as though the dunes and bunkers were always there and Tom Doak merely built around them. It all feels natural.This provides the player with a lot variety and a welcome respite from many vanilla courses here and there. In fact, it is a very difficult course but not impossible. Certainly more challenging than Bandon Dunes.


Being so close the ocean, the wind is a constant factor while playing the course and since it is also in the Pacific Northwest, be prepared for some rain. The terrain as a whole, while majestic, is on the rough side and eager to skewer your shot.

Like all courses at Bandon Dunes, golf carts are not permitted unless one has a legitimate medical issue. Otherwise, one must walk the trails at Pacific Dunes, which is a much more intimate experience.

When one plays at Pacific Dunes, they play with the land, not over it.



Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

57744 Round Lake Road

Bandon, OR