The Punchbowl (Bandon Dunes)



The final and newest course at the Bandon Dunes Resort is the The Punchbowl Putting Course.

At 100’000 square feet, the Punchbowl is in fact a small course where a player can practice his or her putting while at Bandon Dunes. It may seem a little odd to include this course but is not putting just as an essential part of the golf game. Do not think of the Punchbowl as a simple putting green. The course designers¬†Tom Doak and Jim Urbina, saw to it that anyone who came to this course would definitely get some practice in, a way to hone the player’s skill.


The Punchbowl is designed with 36 holes and a wide array of obstacles: bumps, breaks, snakes, and everything in between. In fact, the name Punchbowl derives from the fact that the area where the course was built is in an area of natural hollows.  A wide variety of challenges await upon the Punchbowl. Challenges that are meant to be shared with friends and teammates. That was the ultimate goal of the Punchbowl, according to Bandon Dunes owner, Mike Keiser.

Golf is a sport that is usually played in small groups or by oneself. The Punchbowl was designed in order to foster community with both guests of Bandon Dunes and the locals. As a result, admission is free of charge. While on the Punchbowl, players can talk, laugh and bet is a much more intimate surrounding. The Punchbowl is meant to live up to its namesake, the place where people gather.