Bandon Preserve (Bandon Dunes)


Bandon Preserve is the fifth course at the Bandon Dunes resort and like all the others, Bandon Preserve offers a unique day of play for any golfer.

Opening in 2012 and built by by Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw, Bandon Preserve takes a unique approach compared to the other course of the Bandon Dunes. The Preserve has thirteen holes and a yardage of 1,609. Some golf courses are all about the challenge, the Preserve on the other hand doesn’t even measure it’s pars. The Preserve is about fun.

It is a treat, not a trial.


There is a plenty to do at the Bandon Preserve and ways to make your game memorable. As one could expect, bunkers are plentiful, along with some blind shots and of the course the omnipresent, Pacific Coast wind. The way the course is designed upon the bluff means that the player will have to make their shot into every direction of the wind. Thankfully, the beautiful views provided by the bluff make up for this challenge.

The course is described as a great way to top off after playing say Pacific Dunes and still have a few more shots left over. The short but sweet Bandon Preserve scratches that itch in a very satisfying way.

The final touch at the Bandon Preserve is probably the most special. All of the net proceeds generated by the preserve go to the Wild River’s Coast Alliance. The WRCA is an organization that grants money to various community and ecological and economic causes. This philosophy extends throughout the whole course as Bandon Dunes was designed with eco-friendliness in mind. The course integrates with the native environment and provides a natural habitat for native flora and fauna. So whenever a player tees off, they can do it with a song in their hearts because every shot is contributing to a good cause.




57744 Round Lake Road

Bandon, OR