Disney’s Lake Buena Vista


Buena Vista means ‘good view’ in Spanish. Seems to be a common theme of the Walt Disney World Golf scene. Beautiful courses that provide fun and challenges.

Designed by Joe Lee, Lake Buena Vista, evokes images of a bygone age of classical country clubs out in the green forests.

As for the gameplay vista, Buena Vista is similar, stylistically, to the nearby Palm golf course. The first hole is a healthy challenge, with a par of 5. On of the signature lakes of the course cuts into the fairway the entire left hand side before taking a slight dip in front of the green. Of course there are also the bunkers to contend with.

Some courses favor the overall length of shot. Courses like Buena Vista, accuracy is more important than length. This comes into play from the 3rd to the 7th. This golf course is also part of a residence, therefore there are a many buildings and pools to deal with. So be careful. Speaking of the 7th hole: What we have there is a island green and true to form, there is a bunker right between the green and water. Lake Buena Vista may have the ubiquitous ears but this is no Kiddie Course.


Some golfers may find the rather enclosed environment (pools and house) not to their taste, but not to worry…the back nine holes are of a more traditional flavor. Longer, more secluded holes with tree lined fairways. The designers may have realized this as the final hole has a tricky right dogleg. A similar layout can be found on the 17th.

Ultimately…Lake Buena Vista lives up to its name…

Good Views and Good Games.