Shadow Creek Golf Course



Shadow Creek
3 Shadow Creek Drive
North Las Vegas


There is literally no place on Earth like Las Vegas. Sure, there may be other places with casino resorts and hotels, but Las Vegas has a flavor all its own. If it makes you happy, you can find it in Vegas. One of those things is spectacular golfing at the Shadow Creek Golf Club.

Shadow Creek was designed by the modern icon of golf architecture, Tom Fazio, Shadow Creek is owned and maintained by the MGM Resorts. Located a mere thirty minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, Shadow Creek can offer a world class, luxury experience for anyone! The fee may seem a little steep but this is Vegas after all.


Even though it may be in the desert, Shadow Creek is a spectacular course with lush grass and soaring mountains providing the background. The fifth hole is called the Abyss and for good reason, the fairway is pretty-much a big ditch filled with pines trees and the green is on the other side. May want to bring a spare ball or two.

The eighth hole is a perennial favorite of many of Shadow Creek’s visitors, this hidden, 150 yard, hole is separated from the main course and is filled to the brim with flowers. It is small wonder it is named Shangri-La by Vegas magnate Steve Wynn. Don’t think its just about beauty though, the hole would be right at home on the Augusta National.

One of the obstacles of the course are the titular shadows of Shadow Creek. The trees and mountains cast long shadows that change every moment of the day. Keep your eyes sharp and keep a good eye on where your ball wants to go.

Is Shadow Creek a “slice of golfing heaven” as many seem to claim? The only way to find out is to play for yourself.