Dye Fore (Casa De Campo)


Teeth of the Dog may be the most famous golf course at Casa De Campo but it is not the only one. It is not the only Pete Dye course as well!

Brace yourselves, this course is big. Twenty-Seven Holes, and over 7,700 yards in length. It may be younger than Teeth of the Dog, but it is definitely the bigger sister. The course is broken down into nine-hole intervals called the Marina, Chavon, and Dye Fore Lakes. The course is designed in such a manner to make the course flow better.

This course is not on the ocean rather it sits high upon the cliffs, overlooking the river that leads into the ocean. The views are still striking and the high elevation gives great views of the mountains. Several of the holes actually skirt the edge of the cliffs! That combined with the prevailing Caribbean winds, sometimes getting up to speeds of up to forty miles per hour. That means it may be a little harder to retrieve any lost balls. Best just to let it go.


While it is not quite as challenging as Teeth of the Dog, Dye Fore is no pushover. The course is windier, being much higher. There are plenty of bunkers to gobble up balls and many doglegs are to be found and of course, plenty of

While it is touted as an expert course, there are plenty of tee options for players of multiple levels to select.

The two courses are different but both represent a healthy challenge for any golfer. They do not compete but complement each other, all to ensure that no matter their choice, any golfer can enjoy a healthy challenge at Casa De Campo.




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