Calusa Pines Golf Club


Set on the highest land point in South Florida is the Calusa Pines Golf Club is a secluded course of Naples Florida that offers a top dollar experience for members of the club and friends of the club. There are countless golf clubs and the majority of them will most likely offer a fun experience to any player, but it is no real secret that many golf course look alike. They are more often than not, built on featureless land with no distinguishing characteristics. Calusa Pines takes that stereotype and throws it on its head. Hundreds of trees from mature oak, pine, and sable cover the landscape and many a ton of earth was moved in order to produce stunning vistas. The greens and fairways are all combined with native flora and sweeping ridges in order to create a course that looks and feels natural. In order to truly appreciate Calusa Pines’ beauty, players are encouraged to walk.


Precision is a greatly desired skill on any course but it is especially needed at Calusa Pines. Many of the tee boxes are elevated, as designed by architects Michael Hurdzan and Dana Fry. The first hole’s green is elevated at the end of dogleg fairway. The architect’s skill is exemplified by the twelfth hole which is designed as a championship hole. It is a pinpoint 468 yard shot with vegetation on one side and sand traps on the other side and don’t forget about the wind. One of the best holes at Calusa Pines is the sixteenth hole, par 3. It is quite short at only 161 yards but it is all downhill, so the shot had better be accurate from the 60 foot, elevated tee box.

It may be very hard to secure an invitation to Calusa Pines, but if you ever do manage to make friends with a member, do not hesitate to jump on the opportunity to play the lush holes of Calusa.