Gozzer Ranch Golf and Lake Club


When thinking about golf, the state of Idaho is not the first place that springs to mind, and that conception would probably continue when approaching Gozzer Ranch Golf and Lake Club. A secluded place in the heart of the Gem state, Gozzer Ranch is a property of the Discovery Land Company and as such, Gozzer Ranch is a private getaway for members and its guests.

Golf Architecture Great Tom Fazio designed the eighteen hole course with nature in mind and considering the manner that the course integrates into the landscape, Fazion succeeded! Many of the holes skirt along cliffs of basalt rock formations. The fifteenth hole par 4, is the signature hole, which is placed high above the rest of the course with an astounding panoramic view of Lake Coeur d’Alene, where Gozzer Ranch makes its home. The third hole sports a dramatic downhill drop, making your shot stay in the air longer than normal and increasing the anticipation of where the ball is going to land and the natural surroundings of this whole are the frosting on the cake. The hole is set on a basalt rock formation, and is framed by beautiful pines.


What separates Gozzer Ranch from many golf courses is what can be found along the edges of the holes: The Gozzer Ranch Comfort Stations. Originally conceived as a way to keep the founders young sons occupied as their Dad teed off, the comfort stations have evolved into a delicious delight for players to take a break from a long day of golfing. Offering everything from root beer to draft beer, jerkies and chicken salad, the rustic flavor of Gozzer Ranch, is reflected in the comfort stations which in turn is reflective of the Gozzer Ranch Golf and Lake Club.


5945 Buckrail Rd.

Coeur d’Alene