Whispering Pines Golf Club


Golf is big in the Lone Star State. It sheer amount of land and wide open spaces makes it ideal for the inevitable amount of land that a golf course needs and Whispering Pines Golf Club can provide the very best.

In 1970, Barbara and Corby Robertson acquired 450 acres of land along the shores of Lake Livingston with the intention of expanding the Camp Olympia summer camp. In 1992 it was decided to build a golf course on that land and The Nicklaus Design Group dispatched architect Chet Williams to the nascent course. Using the natural feel of the land, with its creeks and lakes, to create a course considered to be the first in Texas.


The first hole has multiple tee boxes and depending on which one you choose can change the way you play.

Hole nine is a driving hole, par 4, with severe slopes, so watch your shot.

The eighteenth is as tough as it can get, with water hazards, bunkers, and high grass. A 280 yard shot is needed in order to get started, and a fake green on the finish.

Whispering Pines is the host of multiple tournaments, all of which are managed by the World Health and Golf Association. The WHGA is the beneficiary to multiple charitable organizations such as the Texas Medical Center and the Whispering Pines is a partner in those endeavors. So when you play there you are not just having fun, your doing some good.

In addition to the main eighteen hole course, the Whispering Pines introduced the Needler. Providing a stern but fun challenge, the Needler is a short, nine-hole course, that blends seamlessly into the hills and valleys. Every hole is different, so it guarantees that all the clubs most used. Good exercise for your golfing muscles!


Whispering Pines Golf Club

1532 Whispering Pines Drive

Trinity, Texas  75862